Deoleo is renewing the promise of quality and transparency through five commitment measures.

Deoleo | Quality and transparency

We at Deoleo work closely with our brands to ensure we deliver the best quality extra virgin olive oil to dining tables around the world. Our mission is deeply rooted in the tradition and the art of producing quality olive oil, which we strive to renew every day through our commitment to quality and transparency.

Our Quality and Transparency Manifesto 

Bertolli Carapelli and Carbonell brands, owned by Deoleo, have become famous for manufacturing high quality extra virgin olive oil.

In 2016 we intend to reaffirm our continued pledge toward excellence within the olive oil industry and in every bottle we deliver to our customers through 5 commitment measures.


Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin and virgin

The definition of extra virgin olive oil was created to differentiate between two types of quality oils that can be obtained from the olives transformation at the mill, Virgin and Extra Virgin, with the latter indicating the highest quality.

Both types of oil oils are obtained from the fruit, or drupe of the olive tree (Olea Europaea) through a mechanical process (pressing of the olives) and other physical processes (decanting, centrifugation and filtration) in thermally controlled conditions.

Virgin and extra virgin olive oil are the only vegetable oil, which can be fully qualified as Natural Products, as they are not treated with any refining or chemical extraction processes.


Regulations, tests and procedures

How do we know if an oil is extra virgin or simply virgin?

Before reaching the dining table, every oil must pass a series of chemical and sensory tests to certify its characteristics. The testing commonly applied to olive oil is defined by chemical, physical and organoleptic parameters.