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Founded in Montevarchi in 1893, this Italian food company specializes in the production of olive oil and brings with it more that 100-years of experience and passion for taste and quality to the tables of Italians every day. Carapelli is headquartered in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, in the province of Florence.

Carapelli history

23 September 1893 – Cesira Nuti and Costantino Carapelli married, marking the beginning of the Carapelli business.

Three hundred lire – The dowry Costantino gave for his wife, Cesira Nuti. Costantino also bought a warehouse in Montevarchi to trade in grain, oil and other agricultural produce, including olives. From this, he would plant the first small olive seeds that would later bear much fruit.

Italy in the 50’s – Carapelli production and demand grew and its bottles started appearing on tables everywhere. The bottle itself became recognizable because of its classic, round and easy-grip packaging design.

In 1967 – Advertising began for the olive oil producer, which contributed to consumers recognizing the label and helped boost Carapelli’s image as a market leader.

Modern Day – In June of 2002, control of the Carapelli brand passed into the hands of a group of institutional investors led by the B&S Private Equity Group. Then in 2006, GrupoSos, now known as Deoleo, bought Carapelli Firenze spa.

Founded in 1865, a small shop owned by the Bertolli family and located in Lucca, began production of olive oil that would soon become a staple throughout homes in Tuscany and eventually worldwide. Today the company, with its continuing passion in preserving its artisan origins, exports its products to 45 countries. A symbol of Italian heritage and quality, Bertolli oil was the number one oil sold worldwide in 2013.

Bertolli history

1865 – Lucca, Tuscany. Armed with a philosophy founded on quality and a small shop space, a discerning Francesco Bertolli, along with his wife, Caterina, opened a small grocery store beneath their home selling only the best quality regional wines, cheeses, olives, and olive oil.

1875 – Italian emigrants in America, missing their foods from home, were soon asking Bertolli to send boxes of olive oil, making Bertolli the first exporter of olive oil in Italy.

1890 – Francesco and Caterina’s children continued to share the Bertolli brand around the globe, exporting the family’s products to Australia, South America and Africa, allowing people to enjoy the tastes of Tuscany, no matter where they called home.

Early 1900’s – Building the Bertolli brand takes off in the early years of the 1900’s, as Bertolli olive oil products are paired with vivid imagery around the beauty of the Italian lifestyle through advertising, invoking an emotive connection of nostalgia and tradition, which continues to this day.

1945 – Following World War II, the Bertolli Company became a trendsetter by investing heavily in advertising the Bertolli name as a “brand,” something that was rather rare in Italy at that time. TV spots and commercials featuring animated characters “Olivella” and “Maria Rosa” became very popular.

1950 – In the early 1950’s, glass bottles were introduced, with the slogan “Buy what you see.” Before that olive oil was packaged in metal cans and drums. The Bertolli company was the first to identify on the label the important health benefits of olive oil for consumers. It was also the first to introduce different types and flavors of olive oil for the American market.

2000-present – Bertolli olive oil is now in more than 40 countries, and in many it is the market leader. Bertolli olive oil spreads were launched in 1997, with a line of authentic Italian sauces following in 2001, and frozen entrees and desserts in 2006.

Since it was founded almost 150 years ago, Carbonell has always had placed an emphasis on quality and innovation, which has made it a staple in kitchens of thousands of consumers in more than 50 countries. Carbonell meets consumers’ health and lifestyle needs by developing products that help to keep the entire family healthy and make cooking easier.

Carbonell history

1866 – Antonio Carbonell y Llácer, a nineteenth century businessman, founded Casa Carbonell in Córdoba. He was convinced that olive oil, sold under the quality requirements asked by the international market, would be a profitable business venture for the Andalusia countryside.

1895 – The Queen Regent Ms. Maria Cristina of Austria grants to Carbon ell the designation of “Official Supplier of the Spanish Royal House.”

1922 – The brand begins to acquire several olive farms during the first decades of the twentieth century. The first oil mills in Andalusia are also built at this time.

1950 – Carbonell becomes the first global oil brand with a presence in more than 70 countries, leading oil exports in Spain.

1995 – The publication “European Top 100 Brands” puts Carbonell at 31 of the best brands in Europe.

2001 – After a period in the hands of business groups from France, and later Italy, SOS Group acquires Koipe Group, which owned the Carbonell brand. The transaction marks the second food label acquisition for the Spanish group.

2010 – Deoleo is founded, the oil group with strong international vocation has Carbonell as a brand ambassador.

2015 – Carbonell offers a wide array of the selection of extra virgin olive oil to complement a full range of pallets, including single-variety oils for every occasion: Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Picual.

Carapelli - Extravirgin oil products sheets

Oro Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Like a closely guarded family recipe handed down from one generation to the next, this oil pays tribute to the century-old art of making olive oil. The art of tradition.

Lush olive groves, rich in history breathe life into this oil. Masterfully curated from the first cold pressing of the olive, Carapelli Oro Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pure liquid gold. Ancient traditions are perfected in this elegant yet simple oil. A treasured blend from our family to yours, it is meant to be enjoyed at the dinner table and shared with the ones you love.

Blending Notes

When: 2016/2017 Harvest
Olives: Selected mainly from Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Koroneiki, and Picual varieties
Aroma: Fresh Olive with hints of Apple and Artichoke
Taste: Fresh, Bitter, Nutty
Acidity: < .5%
Pairing: Salad, Seafood, Pasta

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

The delicate balance between nature and man, between soil and tree, between the farmer and the fruit. The art of harmony.

To craft Carapelli Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we have selected 100% organic extra virgin olive oils – a harmonious blend of the highest quality organic olive oils from carefully selected olive groves. In doing so, we capture a genuine and balanced taste. It evokes our proud heritage, our love for the land, and our respect for the region.

Blending Notes

When: 2016/2017 Harvest
Olives: Selected mainly from Arbequina, Hojiblanca, and Koroneiki varieties
Aroma: Fresh, Earthy, and a little Sweet
Taste: Balanced, Fruity, Green
Acidity: < .5%
Pairing: Vegetables, Fish, Poultry

Carapelli Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

This dense, fruity oil speaks to a simpler, more authentic time. A time when freshly harvested food made every meal a celebration. The art of nature, unfiltered.

Olive trees warmed by the sun. Fresh fruit bursting with flavor. Lush farmland, ready for harvest. Carapelli Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil captures the nuances of nature in a remarkably flavorful cold-extracted oil. With its vibrant aroma, rich texture, and beautiful yellow-green color, Carapelli Unfiltered brings the natural world into our modern lifestyle.

Blending Notes

When: 2016/2017 Harvest
Olives: Selected mainly from Arbequina, Coratina and Hojiblanca varieties
Aroma: Balanced with hints of Apple
Taste: Nutty, Peppery, Bitter
Acidity: < .5%
Pairing: Beef, Lamb, Greens

Carapelli Il Nobile 

Tuscany is a land surrounded by haylofts, sunsets and never before experienced sensations. Its proud essence speaks of Italy, its strength and its great nobility. Nobility obtained by the sun, lands, aroma and a characteristic and unique Italian flavor.

When you taste Carapelli Il Nobile the wind stops, the sun sets and life goes by slowly.

Known to be the most noble of the house and have a character difficult to forget. Its freshness and quality is able to transport you to the old times of beautiful Tuscany.

A typical Italian extra virgin olive oil. Very balanced with hints and touches of green almond and fresh vegetables. Bitter and with a medium spicy flavour that makes this oil very pleasant to the palate. In addition, aromas of almond shell, fresh grass and artichoke are also present.

Carapelli Il Centenario 

Centennial olive groves rich in history are the basis for creating this oil. Roots, sap, trunks and leaves that have been growing and have been nourished by experiences and knowledge.

Centennial olive trees are not time bound. They grow slowly, they take root and knot themselves fearlessly until they offer their exuberant fruits with the highest quality.

This Il Centenario olive oil is well-balanced. Its intense fruity green flavour stands out, it contains green leaves, tomato leaves, fresh vegetables and artichoke aromas. It has a pleasant bitterness, which confers freshness combined with an elegant spicy finish.

Bertolli - Extravirgin oil products sheets


Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with its robust, fruity flavor, exceeds Italy’s rigorous standards for full-bodied taste and low acidity.


The flavor of olives combined with the scent of fresh herbs offer an extra virgin olive oil with a gentle aroma complimenting the fresh ingredients in your recipes and enhancing the taste of your dish. Ideal for salad dressings, pasta, fish and vegetables.


Rich and fragrant with a well rounded taste, Originale extra virgin olive oil has a smooth, fruity flavor giving your dishes a generous taste of the Mediterranean without overpowering the other ingredients. It is ideal for bread dipping, salad dressing, pasta sauces and marinades.

Carbonell - Extravirgin oil products sheets


There are special occasions that require a special oil. Carbonell’s extra virgin olive oil gives a touch of special flavor to every dish.  Its fruity, intense and sweet aroma is captured by keeping the tradition alive and following the original mills processes. Carbonell extra virgin olive oil makes special occasions truly special.


Carbonell Extra Virgin Special Selection is an olive oil sourced from the highest quality and right combination of four varieties of olives: Arbequina , Hojiblanca , Picual and Cornicabra. The result is harmonious and balanced oil. Carbonell Extra Virgin Special Selection is an olive oil with a pleasant fruity taste, hints of mature and sweet olives, with a nutty undertone that makes it perfect to enjoy on raw dishes as well as fully prepared dishes.


Carbonell Picual extra virgin olive oil is made from a single variety of olive, Picual, a balanced oil that is full-bodied, slightly bitter with a spicy aftertaste, making it very pleasing to the palate.

The qualities of this extra virgin oil make it particularly suitable for both stews as poultry seasoning.


Produced from the highest quality of Hojiblanca olives, Carbonell Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil stands out because of its sweet vegetable flavors reminiscent of fresh, quality ingredients and tradition.


This extra virgin olive oil is the result of rigorous standards for selecting the best Arbequina olives.

Carbonell Arbequina extra virgin oil is a fine, soft and aromatic olive oil with floral notes, hay and ripe apple. This oil pairs well with creams and rice, as it brings unique flavor and character to any dish.


With Carbonell Organic Extra virgin, we created a 100% organic oil certified by the CAAE  Association (Spanish Ecologic Value Association) that not only meets the European Union requirements, but also follows the traditional methods of oil production, down to the smallest detail.

Carbonell Organic extra virgin oil is especially suitable not only for those who care about the environment, but also for those who enjoy handmade products and who want to follow a diet based on ecological food. This oil is ideal for use in seasonings and salads.