Deoleo, when the production chain is synonymous with quality

The quality and traceability of our products originates

from the highest level of attention that we consistently dedicate

to our production chain and quality control procedures,

which is continuously carried out over the course of the bottling process.

Every year we select over 5,000 samples of extra virgin olive oil from various Mediterranean sources. Each sample is carefully examined with regards to its sensorial and physicochemical characteristics, among others: acidity, peroxides, UV spectrophotometry and content of ethyl esters.

According to the quality and quantity of that on offer, we consequently select between 1,250 and 1,500 batches of oil.

Every batch arriving to our plant is once again examined and compared with the previously selected sample using in-depth chemical, physical and sensorial analysis, and – in line with Italian regulations – is registered with SIAN, the Hygiene Service for Food and Nutrition.

Our Olive Oil Masters then work on the blends, selecting the best oil in order to guarantee the organoleptic profile of each product. This means that they mix different extra virgin olive oils whit different taste characteristics to create the most desired taste profiles for consumers. A complete analysis of every blend is then repeated before bottling, and all results, which must meet the parameters of extra virgin oil, are recorded in our internal archives. We also maintain  samples from each batch to monitor the batch over the entire life cycle of the product.

One final control examines the bottles to verify the quality of the contents, the labeling and other external parameters, before authorizing the lots to leave the plant for sale.

Our traceability parameters for each batch allows for every bottles to be traceable from harvest year, bottling date, supplier information and cultivation region.

A further sample check is also carried out on bottles which are present on supermarket shelves in order to monitor quality. But that is not all. We also request periodic external analysis by certified laboratories in order to ensure the accuracy of our internal results.

Every year we receive between 10 and 20 inspections from certifying institutions and bodies in order to guarantee the transparency and quality that each and every consumer demands.