The Deoleo Group

The Deoleo group is headquartered in Madrid, Spain and has a global presence through its many offices worldwide. Production of Deoleo brand olive oil happens within its factories located in Italy and Spain. Deoleo is quoted on the Spanish stock exchange and is a world leader for sales of bottled oil.

Deoleo has a long tradition of products that are high quality and good value, with a goal of making extra virgin olive oil even more accessible to consumers. Producing quality products has fostered Deoleo’s success in over 100 countries. Part of the secret to this success is based on the continuous monitoring of production chains, aimed at guaranteeing the highest levels of quality.

Deoleo has a new management team that is committed to pushing and improving long held standards within the industry, and at the same time maintaining our commitments to:

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle, and as part of that, supporting the consumption of olive oil throughout the world.
  • Working with institutions, associations, farmers, scientists and regulators to promote best practices of transparency, progress, productivity, safety and quality, authenticity and full traceability.
  • Promoting the creation of objective chemical and sensory-based measurement systems to ensure transparency and authenticity for the benefit of consumers and customers.
  • Upgrading the current industry practices and raising quality standards.