Our Quality Commitment

Deoleo: our Quality and Transparency Manifesto 

In 2016 Deoleo renews and reaffirms its promise of quality and transparency through five commitment measures.


We voluntarily implement for our extra-virgin olive oils more stringent physical and chemical parameters than the ones established by the law.

100% extra-virgin

Mixing extra-virgin and virgin oils is allowed in Italy if the final blend complies with the extra-virgin standards. In our Italian extra-virgin products there are only 100% extra-virgin olive oils.

Best olive oils selection

All around the world there are high quality and low quality olive oils. We select the best ones to create our unique blends.

Dark bottle

Thanks to dark bottles, we are going to protect our extra-virgin oils from light, thus safeguarding quality over the entire life cycle of the products.*

Transparency on the label

Our labels will report detailed information about our products, including physical and chemical parameters, bottling and harvest1 dates, in addition to expiration date*.

*These quality commitment measures will be implemented in Italy, Spain, and Germany by 2016 and will be made available in France, Mexico and India by 2017.
1) For the following Carapelli extra-virgin products: Carapelli Oro Verde 100% Italiano, Carapelli Oro Verde, Carapelli Non Filtrato, Carapelli Bio, Carapelli Il Nobile, Carapelli Organic.